Are you looking to regain your vitality and improve your ability to participate in the activities you love in life?

The Vitality Program is led by a registered physiotherapist that will help develop strength and flexibility while improving balance and cardiovascular endurance. Throughout the program, you will learn the fundamentals of strength training through functional movements combined with interval training. Each participant will undergo an initial physiotherapist assessment to determine suitability for participation in the program while establishing goals, restrictions and progressions. And, since the program is led by a registered physiotherapist, you can feel confident participating in the Vitality Program even in the presence of pain, stiffness and other health concerns. Contact or visit us to find out more information

Meet the brains behind The Vitality Program

Sarah Tessier PT MScPT BSc

Sarah leads our Vitality Program

Sarah graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2016 with a Master’s degree in physiotherapy. Before pursuing her studies in Ottawa, she obtained her Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Biomedical Biology from Laurentian University. Sarah is bilingual, fluent in both English and French, being able to offer assessment and treatment in both languages. Sarah plans to continue her education in manual therapy (Lvl 1) and dry needling during her career.

Sarah is a Crossfit Level – 1 certified trainer. This course enables her to implicate functional strength training to the rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions. Sarah also has a background coaching and playing basketball and volleyball and now enjoys spending her time doing Crossfit and playing basketball and volleyball recreationally. Sarah treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, helping patients take charge of their condition and rehabilitation through the use of manual therapy techniques, education and exercise prescription.

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