Treat the Cause… of the Solution?

Hey Folks!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but sometimes it takes the right influence to inspire some writing.  This idea most likely isn’t new (as at this point there can’t be TOO many new ideas), but I haven’t heard it so it must just be uncommon.  The idea is this…

“Treat the cause!”

I know what you’re thinking… that isn’t new at all.  AND, you’re right.  BUT, “treat the cause” and “evidence based/informed” is the new buzz-word surrounding health care and most health related fields.  It isn’t a bad thing at all but I do find there is one short-coming to this paradigm.  It requires a problem.  When most of us speak about “treating the cause” we’re referring to some sort of problem that has a root cause.  Don’t bother with the symptoms (unless they’re really inconvenient) and address the actual issue, then the problem will go away for good!

Since when was Chiropractic all about getting people from injured/sick/poor movers to satisfactory?  I don’t know about you,  but I don’t live life to be out of pain; I live life to continuously improve and achieve my fullest potential.  THAT is the other side of Chiropractic is all about.  So now we can also use “treat the cause”, but we’re speaking in reference to the solution!

Rich Froning is the fittest man on earth, there must be a cause for his fitness.  Federer or Nadal are dominant tennis players, there is a cause for that.  What are they doing that causes their dominance of their sport?

I’m “lucky” to be one of those people who doesn’t seem to get sick.  Colds, flus, bronchitis, etc. doesn’t seem to stick to me regardless of how often or how intimately I’m exposed to it.  I know I’m not alone in this situation and I’m not trying to boast, but there must be a cause.  Why would some people be more resilient or resistant to illness than others?  What are they doing that causes their exuberant health?  It isn’t genetics – we all have the gene to create a white blood cell, and there are WAY too many articles in the literature to the contrary.  So what is the difference?

They’re addressing all the aspects of their life that affect their environment.  Everything from their thoughts, to their food.  Their relationships to their choice of beverage.  Their sleep and their exercise.  It’s all cumulative.  So whether it’s James Chestnut telling us to “Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well”, Robert Rakowski touting the magnificent 7 (Eat Right, Drink Right, Think Right, Move Right, Sleep Right, Poop Right, Talk Right), or Og Mandino providing wisdom from his 10 scrolls, this being one of my favourite quotes from one:

“And most of all I will love myself. For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul and my heart.”

So being consistent in the gym, getting lots of sleep, but otherwise being stressed out with work and family life means you’re only addressing part of the equation.  Having an amazing home life but not exercising or eating well is the same thing.  We want to aim for perfection, but with the knowledge that even when we fall short, we’re still doing really well.  THESE are the causes of wellness, fitness and elite performance in life, fitness, sport and everything else.

This isn’t about ignoring pain and saying if you have some aches and pains you’re missing out.  But when we consider all these things above, are there any that would be bad for someone looking to heal an ACL reconstruction?  How about someone with a tendonitis in their elbow or shoulder?  Exactly.  Making healthy choices is always a good decision, and it’s uncommon for us to be doing all those things, and when we don’t we’re selling ourselves short.

On the other side of the coin, what is the effect of not doing all those things?  Stress and inflammation.  And would stress and inflammation help or hinder someones healing process?  So when that knee pain is lingering, let’s keep in mind, “what else could I be doing to set myself up for healing and health?”  Fish oil, rest, stretches, exercises, stress relief, regular, healthy use of the joint, etc.  Then once you’ve addressed everything, BAM that 1-2 out of 10 on the pain scale goes down to zero and eventually, you forget what it felt like to constantly have an issue there.

So, all in all, let’s try our best to elucidate the cause of or issues and pains, and address them as best we can.  Let’s solve the problem, for sure, BUT… Let’s make sure we’re addressing the solution too.  Let’s find the cause of the end result we’re looking to achieve, because the champions in whatever sport you want to look into didn’t get to where they are by stressing out mentally, eating poorly, avoiding sleep and not exercising.  And they most definitely didn’t get to where they are by avoiding pain and only seeking out help or coaching to “treat the cause” of their “problems”.  They chase greatness and they address every square inch of their environment that they can.

Be great.

Stay Healthy Friends!

Dr. Adam Ball

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