Whole Life Challenge – January 2016

Hey Friends!

So the gym/clinic has signed up for the “Whole Life Challenge”.  It’s a lifestyle challenge/game that is meant to help catalyze some changes to lifestyle habits through Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility work, Hydration, Sleep, Lifestyle (changes weekly), and Reflection/Journaling.  It’s something I toyed with creating WAY back when I was still in Chiro School but it’s a LOT of work – and I like that Andy (the creator of the whole life challenge) has made it into a bit of game.  The ultimate goal is to install some new habits and hopefully live life a little healthier afterwards from then on until FOREVER 🙂

I’m going to dig a little deeper into each facet of the game to hopefully give some context and background info for everyone.  SO, that being said… let’s tackle “nutrition” – Click here to see the chart of the various levels of the challenge.


  • If you’re pretty new to the whole health & wellness game, then this is a great place to start.  For people who constantly eat out, or eat a lot of what our parents would call, “junk”, switching to cooking your own meals is a big (and VERY effective) way to install positive changes in your life and on your health.  Seeing these small, but very important positive steps successfully, is more important than worrying you might have eaten too many bananas.


  • Not quite the strict-ness of the “Performance” level, and as such, is more inclined to develop lifelong lifestyle changes.  Knowing you will occasionally kick your heels up, or that your time is limited for adding in new activities/practices.  This is good if you’ve been contemplating tidying up your diet, and eliminating many less nutritious choices (grains, sugar, dairy, bad beverage choices, and artificial ingredients), in addition to dialling in your other lifestyle habits.


  • If you are a, “ALL OR NONE” kind of person, if you’re helping to make some more profound changes with regards to your health or performance, than this is where you want to be.  That makes it sound somewhat attractive, but it means less room for error, and in some ways this is where there is more risk of “failing”.  Many of us fall into the “darn it, I messed up and had oatmeal for my breakfast…. I guess I’ll have pizza for lunch!” – Queue complete tailspin into crushing snickers bars and rockstar drinks.  So this is like a big risk/big gain situation.  If you feel ready, or you’re that all or none person, then this might be the challenge you need to bump you up a bit.  Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a permanent change (unless you just really love it), it’s meant to be a “reset” or a “boost”, so you can push into those edges and develop some healthy, long-term habits.
  • I would suggest keeping legumes out of your diet for this level, and consider adding in Potatoes if that is a deal breaker (with an upper carbs/day limit of 150g).

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Alright – That’s it for this post – on to the next piece!  Stay Healthy Friends!
Dr. Adam Ball