OK… So, I’m ready to start eating Paleo…

Awesome! I’m glad you’re willing to make the changes necessary to improve your health and prevent (or help heal from) a myriad of chronic diseases. Depending on where you’re coming from, you will face some cravings, some questioning, and possibly even some detox style symptoms (headache, constipation/diarrhea, etc.) Take that as the disclaimer it is. You may also experience even-keeled energy levels all day long, better sleep, less sinus congestion, less headaches, loss of fat and water weight, less bloating and gas, and the list goes on.

So… here are the steps you need to take.

1. Empty out your fridge, freezer and pantry of all the items that are not fit for human consumption.
a. This includes: Bread, pasta, rice, beans, milk, cheese, candy, chocolate bars, quinoa, cous cous, and pretty much anything that involves a package, or a list of ingredients.

2. Find some recipes you already know/want to try that happen to be Paleo:
a. These meals will consist of Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, nuts and seeds.
b. Add some spices for flavour.

3. Write down what you need in a list and head to the grocery store:
a. You’ll generally stay along the periphery of the store to pick up your produce and meat. Some of the items (spices, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.) will be in the middle aisles.
b. Avoid the aisles with the junk previously considered, “food”.
c. Make sure you bring a list and eat before you go – don’t buy anything not on the list!


• Buy meat in bulk – Buying directly from a farm is ideal (Eat Local Sudbury has some great resources) but when that isn’t realistic for you, Costco has pretty good quality meat and it can be more economical – and then portion the meat into 1 pound increments, put them in ziplocks and freeze them

• Wash and chop your veggies that need it when you get home. Ziplocks/tupperwares are good for storage for these as well.

• Make what you can ahead of time; breakfasts are nice to have ahead of time for a quick warm up in the morning – the slow cooker will become a good friend.

The variety of meals you can make is mind-boggling. You’ll find a few you love and generally stick with them, maybe even a dozen different meals. Making changes and tinkering with meals is easy once you get the hang of it as it’s fairly simple to cook up some meat and veggies at each meal. You’ll find the list of ingredients you need is fewer (depending on how complex you get with the spices).

If you can follow the above guidelines, a majority of you will be set for a life of health and happiness.
But what if, despite the simple guidelines, you still don’t know where to start? I understand completely; It’s nice to have someone tell you what to eat and when to eat it. It takes the guesswork out of it, and it makes adhering to the diet and lifestyle just a little easier, which is important when making these changes as they can be challenging.

Do you have an auto-immune disease? Are you still experiencing odd symptoms that won’t seem to go away? Are you pre-diabetic, completely diabetic, or “at risk” for diabetes? Are you concerned with preventing cancer or getting ready for a surgery? Do you want to improve your athletic performances? We can fine tune and personalize the paleo diet to your specific needs and situation. It can be for an acute situation (like an upcoming surgery or race day) or for the rest of your life (like preventing cancer or supporting high activity levels). I can work with your specific needs and wants to help build your specific plan, if you’d like.

There can be a lot of questions to consider, are you an athlete or are you gearing up for a surgery (or both)? Do you need to eat high/low carb, moderate or lower protein? Which are the healthy fats? Do you play with fasting? When would be appropriate to do that?  Let me know if you want to dig in deeper, and we’ll work on a plan for you.  Click “Book appointment” at the top of the page – or click here

Stay Healthy Friends!
Dr. Adam Ball