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Chiropractic & You: a match made in my office

You thought I was going to say “in heaven”.  Tricked you.  Onto the post! You (probably) need to be seeing a chiropractor.  There are very few situations where your posture is (near) perfect, and your spine is moving properly in its full range of motion.  Full, appropriate range of motion is important.  Very important.  Time […]

Ugh… Science.

Hey Everyone, So after a fair amount of time reading and a comment I made and then instantly regretted making in regards to the vegetarian/vegan diet I have something to post about.  Science. You have to love it to be interested in health and wellness, as I am.  Unfortunately, once you actually dive deep into […]

Why do I train?

I was recently asked during a workout (I work out in my driveway on a semi-busy street) by a passerby, “why are you doing that?” As you can imagine, this particular passerby was a young, curious child with walking somewhere with one of their parents.  I didn’t have a lot of time to answer, as […]

Gluten-free pizza…

Hey Everyone, I recently enjoyed a gluten free pizza from a popular repetitious pizza store and thought I’d talk about something that crossed my mind while eating it. “Does gluten really add THAT much to pizza?” Apparently, yes. Gluten is the part of the equation in making bread that causes it to rise. It rises […]

Remember when exercise was called “playing”?

Hello again everyone! Today’s topic comes from an afternoon I spent with my pseudo-nephew and niece and their friends.  It was Mateo’s sixth birthday this past weekend and I can think of no better birthday to spend at a park where there were fountains, a water park, a small rock climbing wall, ladders, monkey bars, […]

treat the cause!

As a chiropractor I proclaim to treat the cause of the problem versus the symptoms caused by it. Sometimes I feel we chiropractors come off the wrong way when we explain this model. To help explain it I’m going to try and to do so within the allopathic paradigm. When a patient presents in an […]

Consider your paradigm…

Hi All, I was taking a shower at the wonderful Microtel in Beautiful Waterloo, New York when I stepped out and saw a small advertisement on the bathroom door handle for the hotel.  It said something along the lines of “we’re ‘green’, just look at our colours!”  with a small yellow circle, a plus sign, […]

The Paleo Diet For Athletes: thoughts

So I finished reading this book and thought I should write down a few things before they get lost in the mess of books and ideas in my brain. Firstly, Loren Cordain knows his stuff and all the info is very well researched. Unfortunately, I find some research just isn’t reliable. I’m not talking about […]

The Doctors Report

Today I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Suek of universal chiropractic speak on wellness. Dr. Suek takes a stance on the structural side of chiropractic. While some say structure determines function and others think the opposite, I feel like the issue is moot. We have the same goals in mind and we can’t have […]

Welcome to Real Life Health

Hello All! This is the beginning post for this blog/website.  I hope to contribute as frequently as I can and help people learn about, and experience REAL wellness. Thanks for stopping by! Adam