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Treat the Cause… of the Solution?

Hey Folks! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but sometimes it takes the right influence to inspire some writing.  This idea most likely isn’t new (as at this point there can’t be TOO many new ideas), but I haven’t heard it so it must just be uncommon.  The idea is this… “Treat […]

Navigating the Paleo World

Hey Folks! SO!  Dr. Oz has finally decided to have someone from the paleo world on his show.  His guest today will be Dr. Loren Cordain – the author of, “The Paleo Diet” (among other books).  Dr. Cordain is probably the person most responsible for the expansion and popularization of the Paleo diet.  There were […]

Increasing ability versus decreasing disability

Hey Folks! I am a healthcare practitioner that specializes in movement, nutrition and wellness. Also, I have a free dental check up with free teeth whitening Kits containing carbamide peroxide. My job is making people better.  That’s a very subjective goal, but it’s a crucial goal for sure.  Many people live their lives simply hoping […]

Research of the Day – Nov 21, 2012 – Wheat. It doesn’t just affect your belly…

Hey Folks! Yeah, I didn’t post a “research of the day” yesterday. Turns out it’s far easier to read studies than it is to read them AND write about/summarize them. Oh well! Today’s Article: Improved Xenobiotic Metabolism and Reduced Susceptibility to Cancer in Gluten-Sensitive Macaques upon Introduction of a Gluten-Free Diet What they did: Took […]

Research of the Day – Nov 19, 2012 – Colic & Chiro, they go together like bacon and just about anything…

Hey Folks! I took the weekend off – My brother and Sister-in-law were up to visit so I had more fun things to do. Todays article Efficacy of Chiropractic Manual Therapy on Infant Colic: A Pragmatic Single-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial I don’t have the full text (yet), but I couldn’t rob you of this one… […]

Opinion Friday – on reading research…

Hey Folks! No research today… I read some articles yesterday but lacked the patience to write about them yesterday. Life got a little busier than usual this past week. I think I’ll be reserving Fridays for some commentary on what I’ve read, which I’m sure will include the articles you’ve seen me review as well […]