Real Life Health provides services to support greater levels of Health, Performance and Longevity


Kristin Green RPT, combines manual therapy, modalities and corrective stretches and exercises to help you get out of pain, move better, and optimize performance!


Dr. Adam Ball provides treatment to help with structure and function meaning improved health, less pain, and greater performance.

Massage Therapy

Crystal Critch RMT, provides massage therapy services to help reduce stress, improve pain levels, and improve flexibility.

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Latest News


You know you have an amazing chiropractor when he is willing to adjust your three year olds stuffed animals too!

Chiropractic Clientcare for the whole family

I just had my final Neuromotive coaching session with Dr. Adam Ball, something that has provided a benefit even greater than I had originally hoped for!

Another happy NMC client

Can’t thank you enough for coaching me and keeping me motivated :)

Nutrition & Wellness Lifestyle Client